Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brooklyn Half

On May 17th, I woke up at 4:30am to travel to Park Slope for a day I have been looking forward to - the Brooklyn Half Marathon! Since I was in the first wave, my start time was at 7:00am (Thank god the sun was up by then).  The temperature was around 58 degrees which I personally think it was a very comfortable temperature for a long distance race. The course was relatively flat and I definitely consider it to be one of the easiest half I have ever done. It started out at the Brooklyn Museum leading up to Prospect Park for about 3.6 miles, looped around the park for another 3.4 miles and exited the park at mile 7. From then on, it was a straight run on Ocean Parkway till the finish line on the Coney Island Broadwalk. After an hour and 50 minutes, I completed my 5th half marathon and made a new personal record! I finished in 1:50:41(8:27"/mi) and I felt very accomplished. It was one of the best race since the finish was on the beach. I just relaxed and hung out at this bar, Ruby's by the beach with friends and co-workers after a 13 mile journey!

Matt finished in 1:26, he's a speed demon!

Fleur, Matt & I enjoying our celebratory drinks at Ruby's! (Brian, my co-worker came to cheer and drink took this picture, seeing him and his wife cheering at mile 10 was awesome!)

My training for this race was about 7 weeks which was short compared to a standard training schedule due to the fact that I ran the NYC half marathon on March 16th. I had a few easy runs (3-5 miles) as I was recovering for the NYC half, but I did not want to take off running completely since the Brooklyn half race was approaching in less than 8 weeks.

Below was my training schedule:

4/9/14: 6.19 miles at 8:22"/mi
4/11/14 3.00 miles at 7:37"/mi
4/13/14 8.00 miles at 8:32"/mi
4/18/14 5.00 miles at 8:00"/mi
4/22/14 3.61 miles at 8:05"/mi
4/26/14 10.2 miles at 8:25"/mi
4/27/14 3.23 miles at 7:30"/mi
4/28/14 4.17 miles at 7:48"/mi
5/4/14  10.5 miles at 8:40"/mi
I took a week off running due to illness (but took 2 weigh training classes and 1 yoga class)
5/11/14 4.09 miles at 8:12"/mi
5/13/14 4.10 miles at 8:17"/mi
5/14/14 5.04 miles at 8:07"/mi

The days that I took running off, I cross trained with various weigh/strength training/interval training classes at NYSC such as Total Body Conditioning, BodyPump, Boxing, UFX Burn, Core Conditioning, Spin and Yoga Vinyasa. But of course I have taken days off just to rest and let my body recover especially my hamstring which I pulled during training. I visited my chiropractor twice and had a medical massage during the training period along with using an ice & heat (gel pack) wrap. The cold treatment helps to reduce swelling and discomfort as well as to shorten recovery times. The heat treatment relaxes tight muscles and increases circulation.

Besides physical training, I also read a few articles on mental preparation for a long distance race. Even though it was my 5th half, I still felt a bit nervous the week of the race. These articles definitely have helped me and calmed me down before the big day!

As a vegetarian, my diet was slightly different than other runners. I made sure I consumed a good amount of protein, carbs, vegetables, fruit, water, and tart cherry juice! I usually like to make sandwiches because it takes about 5 mins and it's simple to make.

Ingredients include: Whole wheat bread, avocado, Tofurky ham, chiptole mayo and mozzarella cheese (I do not load up on mayo because it turns my sandwich into an unhealthy meal!)

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