Sunday, July 27, 2014

Running break is over.. NYC Marathon training week 1

Running break is over!! I think I have taken enough time off from running since the Brooklyn half.. I have not been doing a lot of running especially long distance running this summer because a) it's been too hot and humid b) I can't get up in the morning to run since I am not a morning person c) I joined 2 softball leagues d) I have shifted my priorities a bit and running didn't make it on the list. Sounds terrible, right? So I finally stepped it up and got myself out on the road again because I need to mentally prepare myself for this challenging training for the next 3 months in order to cross the marathon finish line. 

Here's how I got my motivation to start running consistently again. A week ago when I was home in CT, I bumped into the postman when he was delivering mail. We had the typical running conversation since he is a serious runner and is also running the NYC marathon this November. He's been actively running and racing and building his mileage up while I have been giving my legs a long rest - too long of a rest I would say (I didn't stop running completely but only ran twice a week).  It was embarrassing to tell him how lazy I have been and terrible at the same time because he was concerned if I'll be ready for the big race. So the following week, I finally logged in some miles!!!

7/21/14: 7.00 miles at 7:59"/mi
7/23/14: 4.50 miles at 7:59"/mi
7/26/14: 11.03 miles at 8:27"/mi

Thanks to NYRR for hosting the TCS New York City Marathon Long Training #1 in Central Park for providing fluid stations, snacks, a medical tent and volunteers! I completed 11 miles (my first long run in over 2 months) in a little over an hour and a half! I ran a whole loop in the park (6 miles) and ran another 5 mile loop (minus the Harlem hill). It was definitely worthwhile to wake up at 6:00 am and train even though I had to skip out on socializing on a Friday night. So I concluded my 1st week of training with 22.53 miles! =)

Below are some post training pictures! I bumped into Michael, my co worker who ran 15 miles! 

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