Monday, August 18, 2014

16 miles before 10 o'clock - NYC Marathon training week 4

Waking up at 6 in the morning on the weekend doesn't sound strange to me anymore... It may sound crazy to some people why I get up so early to run, but it makes 100% sense to me and my fellow runners because we all have the same goal at the end - be able to cross the finish line and feel accomplished! My body felt quite sore this morning after a few hours of softball on Saturday, but I knew I need to get my miles in regardless. I definitely battled hard both mentally and physically to conquer 16 miles today, the longest distance I have ever ran in my life thus far!! 

I am very thankful that NYRR offers pace group for the Long Training Run #2. I ran with the 8:30 pace group the whole entire time and I definitely believe running with a group keeps you going even if your body feels quite exhausted! The route started out on 103rd Street heading up to the Harlem hill. We did a full loop in the park (6 miles), then 2 loops minus the Harlem Hill (5 miles each loop). 6+5+5=16!!!! My legs were hurting especially my right hamstring during the last couple miles but I remained mentally strong and told myself to push past the pain that I'll be done very soon. I used the breathing techniques in yoga and just kept myself in the running zone with my workout playlist. The next thing I saw was the 16 mile mark! I finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes =) I am glad my body did not completely break down after 16 miles, but very exhausted!

After my run, I saw some familiar faces: Michael, who encouraged me to partake in the 9+1 last year to qualify for the marathon this year. He said I'll thank him when I cross the finish line on November 2nd and I know I will because it'll be one of the most rewarding experience!

I also saw 2 friends, Molly and Wayne. We belong to this running group called NYC Fun Run. We run and we chug! It's an awesome group, feel free to check it out -

On our way to brunch! 

Below is my training update:

7/29/14: 4.00 miles at 8:12"/mi
7/31/14: 3.25 miles at 8:30"/mi
8/2/14:  9.07 miles at 8:32"/mi
8/4/14:  3.00 miles on the treadmill (probably 8:00"/mi)
8/6/14:  5.28 miles at 8:28"/mi
8/8/14:  13.00 miles at 8:49"/mi
8/10/14: 5.02 miles at 8:11"/mi
8/13/14: 5.02 miles at 8:29"/mi
8/16/14: 3.16 miles at 8:14"/mi
8/17/14: 16.15 miles at 8:33"/mi

I have not been doing any track workout, so my running pace have been slower than the spring..It's time to get back to interval training to pick up my pace a bit! I would say softball has definitely taken time away from going to track! Time to shift my focus and dedicate my life to running till November 2nd, hopefully my pace will improve when I check in again in a couple of weeks!

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