Saturday, August 29, 2015

Almost died in the heat but completed first race of the year!

This week, I made a rash decision to sign up for a half marathon as part of my training run. However, there was only one 'nearby' at the Rockaway Beach. The travel time from my apartment to the Rockaway Beach (17th Street) was an hour and 45 minutes which I thought was way too long, but I had no choice than to suck it up and run the race. I was getting a little bored with running in Central Park and the suburbs at home, so I figured I'd switch up the running scenery. Luckily, I was able to stay over my friend's apartment in Williamsburg to cut my commute shorter this morning!

The course of the race was 3 loops on the broad-walk with 3 different distances which added up to 13.1 miles.  I personally thought the start time was too late at 8am since it was already getting hot. The race wasn't as enjoyable due to the duration of exposure to the sun for the entire race and there wasn't any shades. It was pretty brutal, nonetheless, I fought through the mental game, refused to stop at any point and made it to the finish at 1:51:43 (no PR). I thought I was really going to pass out in the fiery heat! I was a bit disappointed with the time since I have been doing more interval training and distance running on the weekends, but I guess my body just can't beat the weather and the lack of sleep I had. All in all, I was happy to complete this race and had a chance to check out Far Rockaway (never been there before!) Lastly, great people at the race and very friendly organizer! They even included cookies and a banana muffin in the goodie bag along with a bright T-shirt! =)

Beautiful day at the beach!

The finish line

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